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At CaraMia we truly, madly, deeply care about gifting and relish in the beauty of the discovery to delight those dear to us. Meaning ‘being loved’, the brand is synonymous with glamour, quality and value for money products that brings luxury to everyday life.

Every product is an experience; a decadent treat to tantalise your senses.

CaraMia is delighted to launch its new range, ‘’Africa Chic’’ which portrays the tranquil and beautiful side of our country through the footprint of our African Wildlife.

Some of the fun we had in creating this new Africa Chic range can be seen with the play on words for the four names of our collections.

  • Palmystery (Palm-Mystery) Picture the mystery of finding a palm tree in the middle of the African Wildlife
  • Orchidstra – A sensory orchestra fills the air as does the sweet aroma of the African Orchid.
  • Catchmere – As sleek as a cashmere coat, the African leopard is one elegant cat.
  • Tuskan – An elephants Tusk can lift up to 350kg (770 pounds), WOW!

From beach bags, lunch coolers, to functional and stylish toiletry bags, you will lose yourself in the colours, textures and charisma of these must-have products.

Perfect for all your grooming essentials, and has a handle for easy convenience and travel.

Size 22cm L X 17cm H X 10cm D