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Online Mini Makeover

Online Mini Makeover


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Our mini makeover with big results offers a combination of both a colour and style profile. It combines your unique style and colour tools for an instant makeover. Get ready for lots of compliments!!!

A complete package to ensure you always look your best!

How it works:

Once payment has been received, we'll email you a questionnaire to be completed and sent back to us. From the information received we'll construct a colour and style profile and email it to you. 

What you'll receive:

Colour profile:

  • Identifying your colour group and best colours to wear
  • How to wear colours that you love but isn't in your colour group
  • How to wear more than one colour
  • Your best colours for makeup, hair and accessories
  • Why colour is important in your wardrobe
  • The psychological effect of colour

Style profile:

  • Identifying your body shape
  • Identifying your style personality
  • Decoding dress codes
  • The best shapes, sizes and styles for your body from eyewear, hairstyles, clothing items, accessories to shoes.
  • How to cover your areas you are uncomfortable with and highlight those features you love.
  • As well as how to take care of your garments, choosing correct foundation garments, tailoring, and more

Please note:

No refunds allowed on this product.

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