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All our corporate branding consultations are focused on creating the brand that will set you apart in your industry. Our design process is aimed at  creating a holistic image in order to ensure brand recognition throughout your organisation. From identifying and creating your corporate identity, implementing your online presence, selecting employee dress codes, training employees to provide the best customer service, to selecting gifts and promotional items that best reflect your organisation. The following services, workshops and consultations form the foundation for creating a great corporate brand and identity. We also offer client specific services, please contact us with your query.    


We assist with all your branding requirements from logo, website and social media design and creation right through to employee training, appearance, dress codes, uniform design and creation. We also assist with office interior décor, product packaging, design and anything related to your corporate brand and image. We work closely together in all aspects of HR, Marketing, PR and Media Relations to ensure consistency in creating brand recognition.


It is imperative that employees reflect a professional and well-groomed personal appearance at all times. This consultation is tailor made to portray your company image and covers all aspects of image, colour and style. It is ideal for employees interacting with clients and not only increase confidence levels but also provides an incredible boost in work ethic and performance levels. By feeling confident in the way you look you create an overall positive dynamic. We offer image consulting for individuals as well as group workshops. Personal shopping is also available for staff.

Personal shopping consultations for front personnel are advisable to assist employees on a practical level.


In a diverse country like South Africa, with different customs and practices unique to each culture and ethnic group it can cause misunderstanding and elicit either negative or positive responses when displaying these in a setting where international business standards are adhered to. Misunderstanding in a business setting can lead to negative perception resulting in a lost deal or client. This workshop identifies and explains common areas of misunderstanding looking at both verbal and non-verbal communication and how to communicate within required cultures.


We offer crisis management in situations where a company image may potentially be or already have been tarnished. We act as a go-between by identifying and implementing a strategy that will turn around public perception and create a mutually beneficial outcome for all parties involved. We also assist companies where changes within an organisation may result in a volatile response. Our aim is to create and maintain a positive public image for the organisation both internally and externally.


As an ambassador of your company it is imperative that your employees’ image reflects your corporate brand, culture, goals, vision, values and image. This programme assists employees to understand and implement these within their work environment. When understanding these employeesare better equipped to apply this in their corporate image and work ethic. This will enable them to present themselves in a professional manner which is consistent with the company image.


This course offers a unique approach to investing in employees by equipping them with the tools to assist them in their career growth in a holistic manner which will benefit both the company and the employee on a professional and personal level. It identifies the employees personal and career goals and is designed to provide specific steps in order to elevate them to their desired goals within the organization. There is difference between an employee that shows up for work and one that shares the company vision and is passionate about their work. This process utilizes life coaching tools, image principles and psychological theory. This course offers an integrated approach and looks at the following areas; personal and career goals, image and appearance, business etiquette, soft skills training, negative thought patterns and work ethic.


As part of our Employee Wellness Initiative we offer Life Coaching and counselling for employees dealing with challenges and difficult times. Invest in the well-being of your staff and ensure their mental and emotional stability.


This workshop is ideal for newcomers entering the market place or anyone just wanting to brush up on their business etiquette skills. It offers guidelines on how to conduct yourself in a business and social setting and includes the following focus areas; office etiquette, business dining, verbal and non-verbal communication, telephone etiquette, business writing, dress codes, image and personal appearance.


The importance of a well-trained staff compliment is crucial for any organisation. Everything from communication skills to understanding a clients needs will ultimately determine the outcome of a client experience. Realising the importance of having a fully trained staff base we offer a range of Soft Skills Training Courses. We offer the following course range as well as any specific client requests. All delegates receive a certificate of completion upon successfully completing the course and all our course material are of an international standard and qualification. For more information on these courses please do not hesitate to contact us. 


We offer business consulting from start-ups to corporations. Our highly qualified team of business consultants and coaches will provide with the best solution for your business. We identify, design and implement your business requirements from start to finish. Whether you need sound business advice for a specific problem or a full start to finish project to implement we are here to assist you, just a phone call away.

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