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Personal Mini Makeover

Personal Mini Makeover


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Our face to face mini makeover with big results offers a combination of both a colour and style profile whilst answering all your questions. It combines your unique style and colour tools for an instant makeover. Get ready for lots of compliments!!!

A complete package to ensure you always look your best! 

Colour profile:

  • Identifying your colour group and best colours to wear
  • How to wear colours that you love but isn't in your colour group
  • How to wear more than one colour
  • Your best colours for makeup, hair and accessories
  • Why colour is important in your wardrobe
  • The psychological effect of colour

Style profile:

  • Identifying your body shape
  • Identifying your style personality
  • Decoding dress codes
  • The best shapes, sizes and styles for your body from eyewear, hairstyles, clothing items, accessories to shoes.
  • How to cover your areas you are uncomfortable with and highlight those features you love.
  • As well as how to take care of your garments, choosing correct foundation garments, tailoring, and more

How it works:

Once payment is received, we'll contact you to book an appointment. Please ensure that the correct contact details have been entered. 

The consultation is done at our offices but should you prefer it to be done in the comfort of your home additional charges will be added. This consultation is currently only available in Johannesburg.


Should you not hear from us within 5 working days please contact us.

No refunds allowed on this product